Villages are cool, but you just don't find enough of them in the game (or at least, not for my liking!) The Mo' Villages Mod aims to correct that by increasing the occurrence of villages, and making it possible to find them in all biomes. (currently excluding the nether and end.)

Jungle Villages? Mushroom Villages? Ocean Villages? No problem!Edit

The developer made a point to mention that you can now discover villages in all 1.7.2 biomes. After running the mod and discovering a village in the middle of an OCEAN, it's this wiki editor's opinion that this mod really opens the game up to new NPC possibilities.

Forge? Modloader?Edit

This mod uses Minecraft Forge, build 1024 or higher. Easy to install and highly compatible. Works with Minecraft Comes Alive and Better Villages mod. Downloadable here: There are versions for both 1.7.2  and 1.6.4!