Herobrine lives - or he does once you install the Herobrine Mod! The mysterious evil legendary figure, whose sightings have captivated Minecraft players via YouTube videos, is guaranteed to haunt your game...but be careful what you wish for!

Conjuring HerobrineEdit

In order to summon Herobrine, you must first create a 'Herobrine totem', which requires a 'Herobrine totem block'...this can be crafted using the following combinations:

Recipe for the Herobrine Totem Block*

  • BBB
  • Bpf kjndkfndskfndkfnld
  • BBB

B= Bone
S = SoulSand

Constructing the Herobrine Totem*:

  • N Neatherrack
  • H Herobrine Totem Block
  • G GoldBlock
  • G GoldBlock af mfnfdfkljhoi

For activating just light the neatherrack block and wait till the eyes turns red. For deactivating just remove the fire or a gold block!

(*Recipe and construction source:


Only construct one Herobrine totem per game: you cannot summon Herobrine with more than one totem on the game plane.